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Diverse Education

Ivan Relja completed high school, gaining expertise as an electrical technician, providing him with a strong foundation in technical disciplines.

Continuous Learning and Development

After several years, Ivan decided to expand his knowledge and skills. He educated himself as an accountant for companies and trades, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and development.

Independent Education

Alongside his professional journey, Ivan constantly pursued independent education and, in the meantime, achieved solid knowledge in IT.

Result of Experience and Commitment

Through Ivan’s dedication to learning and work, he has gained the ability to see the bigger picture and explore possibilities from different perspectives.

Career Flexibility

By combining expertise in electrical engineering with newly acquired knowledge in accounting and IT, Ivan has created a flexible career that allows him to contribute to various sectors and industries.

Financial Expertise

Ivan now possesses expertise not exclusively in technical and IT areas but also in the financial sector, making him a valuable leader in managing finances, accounting, and IT/technical processes.

Adaptability and Foresight

As a result of his experience and work, Ivan has developed the ability to see the broader picture and make the best use of everything that comes his way.

Success Without a College Degree

Ivan acquired all these knowledge and skills despite deciding to forgo a college education. His dedication, entrepreneurial commitment, and ability for continuous self-education are fundamental to his success.

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