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Stable and Powerful Education

Tonia Relja is currently (2023/2024) finishing high school, which in Germany is considered the strongest of all schools before college. She completed the first six classes in Croatia and the rest in Germany – with excellent results.


Tonia has a great passion for learning foreign languages. She speaks German, English, and Croatian excellently. She is very good with Serbian and Bosnian and speaks Italian and Spanish quite well. In addition to Latin, he reads and writes in Cyrillic.

Knowledge of a Solid Foundation

She studies for knowledge, not for grades. She loves what she learns. She’s not a nerd (sorry, this isn’t generalizing). If something is not clear to her, she asks.

Continuing Education

A place at the university is already waiting for her – she was accepted to the sociology major in the academic year 2024-2025. But she is intensively preparing for the entrance exam for psychology.

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