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  • You have the right by law to swap your statutory health insurance

Changing Statutory (Public) Health Insurance in Germany

If you are insured by statutory health insurance (GKV), you have the legal right to swap your health insurance provider. You can swap your current health insurance if you have been insured with them for at least 12 months. Then is a notice period of two full months to the end of the month. Your new health insurance company will take care of the preparation and transmission of the cancellation to your old health insurance company.

Health insurance can’t refuse anyone.

Switching Statutory Health Insurance in Three Easy Steps

  1. Find a suitable new health insurance company
  2. Apply for membership with a new insurance
  3. Inform the employer, employment agency, or pension insurance about your new insurer

1. Find a Suitable New Health Insurance Company

Before you start your search, make a checklist of your specific health needs, such as the type of coverage you require, the doctors or hospitals you prefer, and any medications you take.

Research and compare the services, coverage, and costs of different health insurance providers in Germany. Check out their websites, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends and family. Check their customer service too.

Look for a health insurance company with affordable premiums that fit your budget. However, don’t forget to compare the services and coverage offered in exchange for the premiums.

If you still don’t know which health insurance best fits you, consider consulting with an expert. Talk with an insurance broker or an independent insurance advisor who can help you make the right choice based on your personal needs.

On our page Financial Advisors in Germany, you can search for suitable insurance consultants from all over Germany.

2. Apply for Membership with a New Insurance

Your new health insurance will prepare everything for you. Just follow their lead.

3. Inform the Employer, Employment Agency, or Pension Insurance about Your New Insurer

Inform them by e-mail, post, or via their web pages.

Special Right of Termination in Case of Premium Increase

If your health insurance (Krankenkasse) increases the additional contribution, you have a special right of termination. Even if you have not been insured for a minimum of 12 months you can in some cases change your health insurance. To be allowed to use this right of termination, you must apply for a change to a new health insurance company of your choice by the end of the month in which the health insurance company increases the contribution. In this case, the notice period is also two months.

Take care that the special right of termination does not apply if you are voluntarily insured and have taken out an optional tariff for statutory sick pay.

New Insurance when Changing Employer

If you change employer, you also have the right to change your ongoing health insurance. You can do it without prior notice to your current health insurance company and regardless of the commitment period of your current health insurance. You must find a new health insurance provider within 14 days of starting work.

Must-Read Info

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Changing Statutory Health Insurance
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