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  • No child benefit number is the same

What is the Child Benefit Number (Kindergeldnummer)?

The child benefit number (German: Kindergeldnummer) is a unique combination of letters and numbers issued by the Institution responsible for paying child benefit (German: Familienkasse) at the employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) to parents who look after the children in their household. By getting the child benefit number, parents are entitled to Child benefit. One of the first things new parents need to do is apply for child benefits from the local Familienkasse.

Where can I Find the Child Benefit Number?

The child benefit number can be found in every letter from the Familienkasse, at the top right of the contact details of the responsible Familienkasse.

Structure of the Child Benefit Number

The child benefit number consists of 11 characters. The first three numbers result in the assignment to the responsible family benefits office, followed by the letters FK and another six numbers. The last number determines the monthly payment date of the child benefit.

  • The first three digits are used to allocate the Family Benefits Office – Familienkasse
  • FK means Feste Kindergeldnummer or translated to english Fixed Child Benefit Number
  • The last six digits are used for the user’s unique number
  • The last digit (Endziffer) determines the monthly payment date
Kindergeldnummer Structure
Kindergeldnummer Structure

For example, if the Child Benefit Number is 114FK123551, then number 1 is its last digit (Endziffer). This last digit (in this case number 1) determines the date of the month when the payment will be made.

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All About Child Benefit Number (Kindergeldnummer)
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