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In 2022, more than a million foreigners (inclusive expats) lived in each of the five different German federal states.

Two of those five federal states had more than 2 million foreign citizens each and one had more than 3 million.

Foreigners in Germany 2022 by Federal States

Foreigners Expats in NRW Germany 2022

In the first place is North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen ili NRW) with 3 139 895 foreigners (inclusive expats), while the second one is Bavaria (Bayern) with its 2 293 085 foreigners.

Number of Foreigners by German Federal States in 2022

Foreigners in Germany are people who do not have German citizenship (Article 116 paragraph 1 Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany).

The number of foreigners (inclusive expats) by federal states in Germany can be found in the table below.

PlaceGerman Federal StateNumber of Foreign Citizens
1North Rhine-Westphalia
3 139 895
2 293 085
3Baden-Württemberg2 089 960
1 290 565
5Lower Saxony
1 045 140
6Berlin949 375
599 755
8Hamburg367 335
9Schleswig-Holstein331 105
322 230
11Brandeburg196 170
12Bremen154 915
13Saarland153 455
169 220
165 840
16Mecklenburg-Vorpommern115 865
Germany Total13 383 910

Note: Since 2016, based on the German Central Register of Foreign Nationals (Ausländerzentralregister – AZR), statistics on foreigners were rounded up to the nearest multiple of number 5, due to demands for statistical privacy and personal data protection in population statistics publications.

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Foreigners and Expats by States 2022
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