About Us


About Us

Who or What is TIPPUNKT

TIPPUNKT is a web portal where you can find answers to your questions about life, work, education, housing, finances, investments, insurance, taxes and everything else for everyone who wants to move to Germany, who has already moved to Germany and who lives in Germany. Thus, TIPPUNKT helps everyone, especially foreigners and expats in Germany, to adapt as quickly and easily as possible, and to find out their (legal) rights and obligations.

Our primary goal is the reliability and accuracy of the information on TIPPUNKT for every visitor.

TIPPUNKT Articles and Information

You can find all the information and answers in our articles written in Croatian, English and German.

All data based on which the articles were written comes from publicly available sources, conversations with people who have been or are still in such situations, and from the personal or professional experience of the authors of the articles. All authors strive for each article to be objective, accurate and informative so that the reader receives the most understandable and simple answer.

TIPPUNKT Life, Finance and Tax in Germany

In addition to general topics, TIPPUNKT has authors who exclusively deal with finance and taxes. These authors also offer their financial services or tax services to TIPPUNKT readers.

All articles are regularly reviewed and updated when information changes.

It is also important to us that visitors can confidently contact the financial and other advisors available on TIPPUNKT.


You may come across ads in articles and on some pages. Each ad is linked to the topic of the article or page on which it is located. For example, when the topic of the article you are reading is vehicle insurance or annual tax return, the ad will refer to vehicle insurance or annual tax return.

These ads can even save you time. How? So you can immediately contact financial or tax advisors through them.

The ad in the article is randomly generated. Neither the author nor TIPPUNKT can influence which ad will be displayed.

We regularly check all ads.

If you come across incorrect information in the article, and if the ad does not match the article or the page it is on, please let us know.

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