About Us


About Us


TIPPUNKT is a web site where you will quickly find answers to everyday questions about life, finance, and tax in Germany.

The answers are in the articles we have written simply so all can understand them.

You can read the articles in German, English, and Croatian. The same articles in different languages are not just “copy-paste”. They are written so that the reader from that speaking area can understand them as well as possible.

About Articles

All the data on which the articles are written are based on publicly available sources, from dialogues with people who have been or are still in such situations, and from the personal experience of the authors of the articles. Both authors and TIPPUNKT aim for each article to be objective, fair, and purposeful. By doing so, the reader receives the most understandable and straightforward answer to the requested question.

All articles are regularly checked and updated. We are doing this in case there have been changes in the facts on which an article is based.

Thematic Ads

In articles and on some pages, you may come across thematic ads. A thematic ad is an ad whose topic is related to the theme of the article or page. For example, if the article’s theme is vehicle insurance or annual tax return, the ad will refer to car insurance or tax return. Thematic ads are helpful because they can save you time by allowing you to immediately contact an advisor who offers services related to the answer you are looking for.

The thematic ad is randomly generated whenever the page is opened or refreshed. Neither the authors nor TIPPUNKT can influence which thematic ad will be displayed.

We regularly check both articles and thematic ads functionality and data.

If you come across incorrect information in the article and the thematic ad does not match the article or page, please let us know.

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