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Krankenversicherung Studenten - Health Insurance Students

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  • For Student Health Insurance are important age, income, and family status
  • Students over 30 can’t have Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance in Germany

Students enrolled at state universities or state-recognized universities in Germany are generally obliged to have health insurance. Student Health insurance in Germany is special, cheaper insurance in the german statutory health insurance (GKV).


Students Under 25

Students under 25 can be family-insured through their parents or partners (Familienversicherung). In this situation, they do not need to be health insured through student health insurance.

Students Over 25

Students over 25 must insure themselves unless they are insured through their parents, spouse or partner. They have a cheaper monthly insurance rate, but only up to 30.

Students Over 30

Affordable health insurance for students ceases to be valid at the end of the last semester but no later than when students reach the age of 30.

After 30, they pay the regular contribution of health insurance.

Students of All Ages

In the case of family insurance (Familienversicherung), the age limit of students can be extended, but by a maximum of one year if the studies are delayed due to serving in the German army or the German Federal Voluntary Service.

The Student Health Insurance begins on the day after the end of the family insurance or at the beginning of the semester, at the earliest on the day of enrollment.

No matter how old they are, if employed students earn more than 505 € gross a month, they are not entitled to family insurance. When students have a mini-job, they lose the right to family insurance if they earn more than 538 € in gross monthly. The limits of monthly earnings relate to the year 2024.

Students, regardless of their age, can be health insured through their spouses or life partners and do not need to have student health insurance.

Students with private health insurance do not have to be insured through student health insurance. However, in most cases, they must remain privately insured until the end of their studies.

Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

Regardless of their country and age, international students need to be health insured to be able to enroll in state universities or state-recognized universities in Germany. Therefore, they must have proof of health insurance with them when registering.

Since Germany has concluded agreements with the EU and some other countries, international students are recognized with insurance from those countries when enrolling. However, home country insurance only covers emergency medical treatment. It is best to ask your health insurance company whether insurance is valid in Germany and what it covers.

If you intend to have an internship or work while studying, you must be insured by German health insurance.

If your health insurance is not valid in Germany, then you have to get insurance in Germany. German compulsory health insurers must offer student health insurance if you are not over 30 years old.

International students in Germany over 30 must take out private health insurance.

Health Insurance for International Students in Preparatory or Language Courses

If you need to complete a pre-study preparatory course before enrolling in your study program, you must take out private health insurance during this time. The reason is that statutory health insurance only covers you while you are officially enrolled in university. When your preparatory or language course has been completed, you can easily switch to statutory health insurance.

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Students in Germany: Health Insurance
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