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Steuerklasse 3 Deutschland - Tax Class 3 Germany - Porezna grupa 3 Njemačka

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  • Tax class 3 is intended for spouses or partners who live together and have unequal monthly incomes.

Who Belongs to Tax Class 3?

Tax group 3 is intended for married couples or partners in which both spouses or partners have income, but one of them has a significantly higher income. This tax group is intended for married couples or partners when one of them works and receives a salary, and the other does not. This group allows spouses or partners with unequal incomes to be taxed more favorably.

Tax group 3 – spouses or partners with unequal incomes.

When one spouse or partner has a significantly higher income than the other, then the tax class is 3 for that person. Tax group 3 allows the partner or spouse with a higher income to have a higher tax deduction on the salary, thus paying lower income tax.

Change of Tax Class 3

Tax group 3 can change if circumstances change, such as a change in the spouse’s income or if one of the spouses becomes employed or unemployed. In addition, a change of tax group is mandatory if the spouses divorce or one of them dies.

The decision to change the tax group should be carefully considered and can have a big impact on the total monthly amount of tax paid by the family. It is important that spouses carefully assess their income and circumstances to choose the optimal tax bracket that fits their situation.

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Tax Class 3 (Steuerklasse 3)
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