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Muster Kündigung Mietvertrag - Template Rent Termination - Primjer raskid ugovora otkaz najam

Good to know

  • Don’t forget to sign your Rent Contract Termination Letter

Template for the Ordinary Termination of the Rental Contract

To help you, we’ve created a free ordinary rental contract termination letter template. Our template includes all the essential information you need.

Crucial for Rental Contract Termination Letter

When you want to terminate an apartment or house contract, bear the following:

  • The notice period is three months
  • Rental contract termination isn’t accepted as PDF files or other digital files
  • The termination letter must be signed
  • Send the letter of termination as a registered mail without a return receipt*

*Important: When you use registered mail without a return receipt, a deadline for a notice reception will be met when a mailperson puts a letter in a landlord’s letterbox. You can check online the shipment tracking confirmation of receipt on the German Post Webpage. On the other hand, when you send your rental termination letter (our PDF template) by registered mail with a return receipt, this letter will be only handed over if the recipient is found at the address. If the recipient is not found, the termination letter will be stored at the post, and wait for your landlord to pick it up. And as a consequence, the deadline for the rent termination notice reception could be missed.

Free Ordinary Rental Contract Termination Letter Template

Click on the button or image to preview and download the document.

Muster Vorlage Kündigung Mietvertrag - Rental Terminating Letter Germany Template - Otkaz stana Njemačka primjer

Must-Read Info

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Rental Contract Termination Letter Template
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